Tenant Engagement Raises Satisfaction and Retention

July 23, 2016

We live in a social world. Mobile apps, messaging, chat and social media makes it ever so easy and convenient to communicate. This also apply's to commercial buildings we occupy, as well. Whether it’s the apartment building we live in, or the office where we work. Tenants desire easy ways to communicate and engage with building staff and neighbors.  

Software tools such as BUILDINGVIBE can provide easier ways to communicate and engage tenants in buildings. Property managers make use of such tools to enrich communications and provide tailored content. This allows their tenants to be more informed and connected to the building.


What is Tenant Engagement? 

The key to tenant engagement involves participation. It’s a two way communication involving information exchange and sharing feedback. Tenants open up communications with management, or other tenants to create a sense of community. Engaged tenants feel like they have a voice. This helps building management make informed decisions to contribute to a better tenant experience. Feedback from tenants should be a continuous process and not one that ends with a periodic survey. 

Benefits of Tenant Engagement

Efficient ways to communicate brings tenants and property owners closer together and improves relationships. This leads to greater loyalty toward the building, and the people that manage it. The office building in a opportunity to network with other tenants for business opportunities. What better place to network than within your own building, where you conduct business? 

Engaged tenant’s offer valuable feedback on what's important and what’s not about building amenities. Also, likes and dislikes. Why wouldn’t owners want to know this rather than assume or second guess? Keeping up with tenant expectations and desires lead to greater satisfaction and retention. 

Your tenants are what drive your operation. When they’re happy, they stay longer and pay higher rents. This benefits your own reputation as the management company with the best tenant services.