Social Buildings Bring Tenants Together

May 17, 2016

What is a social building? It can be an apartment building, office building, mixed-use or corporate building. Opening channels of communication for occupants to interact and engage makes it distinct. Tenants feel more connected along with greater opportunity for networking in social buildings. There is a sense of community. 

Tenants value the opportunity to do business with other. It creates good will for the owner for allowing this level open tenant communications. Gathering areas, events, and tenant communication tools are key components of a social building. 


Photo Courtesy of Pixel Federation

Common Spaces 
A common gathering area can include a lounge, gym, dining/bar area, etc. The benefit is that people can meet organically in these shared common areas. A building that takes this concept to the next level is WeWork office space and the WeLive building, with locations in both NYC and DC. The WeLive apartment building’s common spaces include lounge spaces with bar areas (bitters and shakers provided), a laundry room with ping pong and billiards, a roof deck with a jacuzzi, and a “wellness” room for yoga and fitness classes. By creating appealing common space areas that people genuinely want to hang out in, they’ve succeeded in bringing people together. 

Social Events 
Events are another strategic way to bring the tenants of a building together. Today’s modern apartment and office buildings tend to host fun events like ice cream socials, cookouts, and yoga classes. For example, The Gotham Organization offers wine tastings and sushi-and-sake parties at two of its luxury NYC rentals, the Atlas New York and the Nicole. Another luxury NYC apartment building called Ohm has open-mic nights, and has also partnered with the Knitting Factory, a club in Brooklyn, to offer a private concert series with indie artists in the building. These events can be the perfect venue for people to network and get to know each other better. 

Tenants of a building can also engage with one another using a tenant communication tool like BuildingVibe. BuildingVibe functions as a virtual tenant community. Tenants can create their own profiles and communicate with each other and management by posting comments. They can also view important announcements, events and documents posted by building management. Local links to restaurants, shopping, entertainment and attractions may also be added to get a better sense of what's near the building. BuildingVibe provides a single place where tenants come to retrieve information about the building, provide feedback and network with their neighbors.

By bringing tenants together through common space, events, and communication tools, a building can become more social. The benefits are that the tenants will feel more connected to one another, feel a sense of community and therefore be happier.