Do Buildings Have Personality?

November 12, 2016

We usually think of the term "personality" associated with people. Buildings can also take on a personality. A building personality is the characteristics or qualities that form the building's distinctive character. Just like people, every building has its own unique personality. What comes to mind about the distinct character of a building? Or, what's the first thing that strikes you about a particular building? Is it the architecture, iconic significance, history, esthetics, materials, decor or surroundings? Does it heighten the senses in a positive or negative way?

Sights, smell and acoustics play into how an occupier perceives the building experience. The building personality can also influence the brand of the building. This is important for attracting and retaining tenants. It will also help a building stand out in the market and differentiate from it's competitors. Tenants have many choices on where to live and work.

Property owners focused on what matters most to the tenant are in a better position to please the tenant. This leads to less turnover.

10 Tips to "Building Personality"

Clean lobbies and common areas
Inviting welcome entrances
Natural light
Good acoustics
Fresh smells
Revolving artwork
Tenant engagement events and activities
Open and transparent communications
Updated building announcements
Content related to local community  

These tips have direct positive impact on how tenants perceive and experience the building. Owners focused on improving the tenant experience will have less problems filling vacancies. Tuning into what's most important to the tenant keeps ownership aligned with tenant expectations. It also creates goodwill and trust between property management and tenants. 

Keeping your tenants happy is the least expensive way to ensure your buildings success. Word-of-mouth referrals from happy tenants are every building owner's most satisfying credentials. Positive tenant buzz helps to attract and keep great tenants! Every building has a unique personality, so why not make it stand out as a market differentiator. A building with engaging and vibrant personality helps create a better tenant experience.

The result is happier tenants and happier owners.