A Better Way to Communicate and Measure Tenant Feedback

May 07, 2016

Tenants today have many choices. With the multitude of amenities and features  that modern buildings have to offer, conventional spaces are losing their competitive edge. The world has become more social and transparent. The lines have blurred between live, work and play. For example, the workplace have become more like hotels or an extension of one’s living room. This has created an expectation for building environments to offer opportunities to network and socialize. How are building owners responding to this change? Doing nothing will only will create higher vacancies and tenants seeking other choices.


BuildingVibe addresses this problem by providing a simple and better communications and feedback system for commercial properties. 

We do this by collecting real-time data from tenants on building features to access what matters most to them. This provides owners with valuable insight into improving the building experience by engaging with their tenants. A building experience may include parking, lobby/common areas, high-speed connectivity, building maintenance, green practices, etc. The tenant’s feedback is then tabulated into actionable analytics for owners and building managers to make informed decisions. It may also determine where to best place capital expenditures that bring the highest return. Should the owner spend capital on an improved lobby, new gym or rooftop deck? Why not let your tenant’s voice help determine this?

Additionally, BuildingVibe functions as a virtual tenant community. Tenants can create their own profiles and communicate with each other and management by posting comments. They can also view important announcements, events and documents posted by building management. Local links to restaurants, shopping, entertainment and attractions may also be added. This provides a single place where tenants come to retrieve information and network with their neighbors. The system is closed to the general public, so owners and tenants can remain confident in the security and privacy of their information.

Ultimately, the goal of the online platform is to increase retention and create goodwill between owners and tenants. Word of mouth will spread and generate a buzz about your building and how unique it is.